Commercial assistance for subcontractors 

SubPort are specialists in commercial assistance for subcontractors 


Commercial assistance for subcontractors 

SubPort are specialists in commercial assistance for subcontractors 

The handling of commercial decisions and operational matters, and the associated administration, is time-consuming and difficult to manage for many construction subcontractors. The lack of available time to look after the commercial side of a subcontracting business can have a significant impact on its bottom line. 
SubPort provide commercial advice and assistance to subcontractors whose time is engaged in running the day-to-day aspects of their business. Commercial assistance for subcontractors protects their profits and mitigates risk. 

Does your business need commercial assistance? 

Are you juggling so many aspects of your business that you could be missing important commercial details? Could this be affecting your profits? 
If you’re a subcontractor who feels that you are consistently in a state of crisis management when it comes to contracts, change control, cashflow, administration, budgets and client relationships, you will undoubtedly benefit from commercial assistance. 

We are specialists in providing commercial assistance for subcontractors 

SubPort are specialists in providing commercial assistance for subcontractors. With a combined experience at senior level that exceeds 100 years, the SubPort team understands what subcontractors are up against in the construction sector. 
Primarily, subcontractors go into business to use their skills and provide a high quality service. The complexity of the commercial aspects of running the business is very often unforeseen. Commercial matters are not straightforward to navigate, so subcontractors often come unstuck when they try to manage everything themselves. 
The SubPort team provides vital support that enables subcontractors to do what they do best, safe in the knowledge that the commercial aspects of their business are being professionally managed. 

Commercial contract management 

The fine detail and terms and conditions of commercial contracts determine the profitability of projects for subcontractors. It is essential that they are thoroughly assessed and understood before they are signed. Assumptions should not be made and every point must be forensically calculated. 
SubPort conduct a post award contract review before it is signed to ensure that the contract is feasible and that it will deliver the return the subcontractor needs to be profitable. This service highlights any aspects of the contract that should be rejected or negotiated. The subcontractor is provided with a summary of key items so that they can decide if it is a contract they want to enter into. 
Once the contract begins SubPort can take over the commercial contract management. This includes all commercial administration, preparing and negotiating final account settlements, administering change control, handling disputes, cost and value reporting and forecasting (CVRs) and providing commercial representation if required. 


Can SubPort help with recovering retentions? 
Yes. We help to recover the cash tied up in retentions. Just having us involved often expedites payments. 
What is the cost of commercial assistance for subcontractors? 
This depends on how much assistance you require and how many aspects of the business you want us to be involved in. We can help in just one or two areas, or completely manage your commercial activity. Once we understand your requirements we can agree on a package that best suits your needs. 
Can you help with budgeting? 
Yes. We can help with budgets, cost control and cashflow to keep your business financially stable. 

Get in touch 

If you are a subcontractor who would like commercial assistance, get in touch with the team at SubPort to find out how we can help. 

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