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Post Contract & Business Services 
Once a contract is completed there are still a few things we can support you with. 
Post Contract & Business Services 
Once a contract is completed there are still a few things we can support you with. 


Retentions are common practice in the construction industry with many subcontractors having around 5% deducted off applications. 
Many subcontractor struggle to recover this cash and often the process of recovery is frustrating and time-consuming, resulting in many subcontractors giving up on collecting the cash. 
Subport are able to mitigate the delays and methods put in place by some main contractors, with our involvement alone mostly equating in prompt payment. Subport pride themselves on their excellent rate of recovery. 

Lessons Learnt Review 

We can review, report and present all lessons learnt from a desired project, client or particular contract, in order to review what went well and what not so well in order to avoid making the same mistakes on the next project and to develop learning objectives. 
SubPort also offer other business services geared around improving the business processes and performance as a whole. 

    Business health check and gap analysis  

This is a full review of all the current business processes. We report on the current state and the target state and define a clear list of actions to support the company in achieving the target state. 

Cashflow Forecasting 

We prepare cash flow forecasts to help assess the amount of money that is coming in and out of your business. 
It also includes your projected income and expenses ensuring you are fully aware of the cash position of the company for the upcoming months. This document is crucial when new contracts are awarded to establish if there is enough cash within the business to deliver the project. 

    Overhead Review and Analysis  

It is essential for a company to fully understand the cost of its overhead and what level of margin needs to be achieved to cover this. 
We aim to fully understand and report the overheads, offering advice and assistance to get the overhead to an appropriate level for the business. 

What our clients think of us 

"We employed Subport to improve and implement commercial processes within our business and to manage a business-critical project we were working on. 
We now intend to use Subport going forward, our overheads don’t support a full-time commercial member of staff, and this is a great solution. We now have more control and information available to manage our projects." 
Nigel Shorey 
Managing Director 
J Lister (Electrical Contractor) 

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