Within the construction industry, the role of a Quantity Surveyor is pivotal to bringing a project in on time, on budget and to legal and quality standards. 
As a specialist commercial construction consultancy, SubPort supply experienced Quantity Surveyors to subcontractors when required. 

The role of a Quantity Surveyor 

Involved at every stage of a project, a Quantity Surveyor estimates and controls costs for large construction projects, while making sure that buildings and other structures meet a range of industry standards. 
The Quantity Surveyor is the eyes and ears on project finances and contractual relationships. They provide accurate reporting and control of the project’s financial position. 

Quantity Surveyor help 

SubPort provide both individual and direct consultancy Quantity Surveyors to subcontractors, to take responsibility for the following areas of a project: 
• Tendering and pricing 
• Contract reviews – understanding contractual entitlements 
• T&C reviews 
Commercial project management 
• Commercial admin – application submissions, variations, final accounts 
• Dispute handling 
• Commercial representation – attending meetings 
• Cost and value reporting and forecasting 
Post contract and business services 
• Retention and debt recovery 
• Lessons learnt review 
• Business health check and gap analysis 
• Cashflow forecasting 
• Overhead review and analysis 

The benefits of using a SubPort Quantity Surveyor 

A QS is brought into a construction project to provide their expertise in the above areas, allowing the subcontractor to focus on their own work. 
Engaging a SubPort QS allows a subcontractor to react quickly to their client’s needs. At SubPort we have a team of experienced Quantity Surveyors from which we swiftly offer a suitable candidate, avoiding delays to the job. This is preferable to having to wait until an employed QS has finished on another project. 
Cost saving 
Using a short-term QS from SubPort removes unnecessary fixed costs that can cripple a business. The large salary of a full time Quantity Surveyor can be prohibitive for a subcontractor. When working on a range of projects, each with different personnel and operational requirements, using a flexible and reliable QS as and when required makes more commercial sense. 
Each construction project has its own, unique challenges that benefit from specific knowledge and expertise. An appropriately experienced QS can make a huge difference to the project’s profitability, quality, and overall success. By commissioning the services of a SubPort Quantity Surveyor, a subcontractor can request specific experience pertaining to the project that will reduce time and costs. 

Why use SubPort for your Quantity Surveying needs? 

"Simon and his team have a wealth of experience, providing advice and QS resources. Using SubPort gives me flexibility and means I can get experienced Quantity Surveying when I need it without having to commit to long term contracts and additional cost" 
Robert Wayne Butcher 
Company Director 
RWB Utilities Ltd 
Skilled professionals 
SubPort’s team of Quantity Surveyors work on a diverse range of schemes and assignments, increasing their skillset along the way. These honed skills, which can be accessed through SubPort’s extensive team of Quantity Surveyors, gives subcontractors access to targeted expertise. 
SubPort check the credentials of all QS’s on our database to ensure that claims of skills and experience are legitimate, giving subcontractors peace of mind. We then carefully allocate the most appropriate QS to each subcontractor, matching expertise to their requirements. 
Flexible ways of working 
SubPort offer different ways of working to give subcontractors the flexibility to use our services in the most suitable way for them. Subcontractors can choose from one of the following: 
• Hourly rate – for support with disputes 
• Fixed price quote – for one-off works 
• Project based pricing – for large projects or difficult clients 
• Monthly retainer – based on everything a subcontractor wants to outsource 
Training courses and workshops 
SubPort is a CITB Assure training provider. With a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry, we have put together training courses that educate businesses on commercial awareness and understanding the basics of a construction contract. 
We also provide free Construction Contracts and Commercial Awareness workshops, written and presented by our experienced Quantity Surveyors. 
Get in touch 
If you would like help with sourcing a professional Quantity Surveyor, please get in touch with the team at SubPort by email at info@subport.co.uk or by calling 0333 200 7205. 
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