Subcontractor Support 
Helping your business work smarter, make money, and get paid 
Subcontractor Support 
Helping your business work smarter, make money, and get paid 

Subcontractor support 

The construction sector is currently going through a challenging period, which heightens the need for effective subcontractor support. 
Material shortages, price fluctuations, logistics issues and trying to find skilled labour are four major challenges that face the industry at present. Trying to navigate these profitably, while providing the best possible service to your clients, i.e. the main contractor, is causing a real headache. 
Simon Robinson, Director at SubPort, comments, “We speak to lots of subcontractors on a daily basis and it’s a really tricky time for them at present. 
Trying to agree fixed contracts for services for a set fee and set duration is proving difficult. And when you do agree on terms the subcontractor then has to source the products, and we’ve found materials quotes are valid for days at the moment rather than weeks! 
It’s certainly not impossible to work and function as a business, but it’s definitely more challenging than it should be.” 

Are you looking for support for your business? 

If you are a subcontractor and looking for support then feel free to reach out to our team to see how we can help. 
Quite often it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and if that’s a common feeling for you then we can definitely help you. We are on a mission to help as many subcontractors as we can in Manchester, the North West and the rest of the UK. 
When you reach out to professional and qualified experts like our team here at SubPort, you benefit greatly by minimising risk and complications; maximising your revenue, and ultimately securing your profits. 
Contact us directly on 0333 200 7205 or use our contact form 

Quantity Surveying Support Manchester 

As a subcontractor, your primary focus is on supporting the contractor so that a particular area of the project gets done in an efficient and timely manner. 
Your main USP is your skillset or your specialism, whether it’s roofing, cladding, steelwork, electrical or other services. Contractors will work with you as it benefits the project, as your experience and skills are more valuable than learning and hiring for their own business, and mitigates risks with their client. 
With this in mind, it is difficult to balance working with contractors and ensuring rojects and timescales are met, with other elements to running your business. 
Tasks include preparing tenders for future work, reviewing contracts to make sure they are fair and you can work effectively within the restraints, accounts and chasing invoices and general administration work. 
That is where SubPort can help you and your business. Not only do we provide competent, down-to-earth advice, we provide subcontractor QS support services such as estimating and tendering, valuations and cost management, valuations of variations, contract reviews and dispute resolution. 
The main benefit of working with us is that our service is completely flexible. You can scale up or down our support levels to match your requirements. 
Simon Robinson, Director of SubPort, comments, “Many of the businesses we work with don’t require full time quantity surveying or commercial resource. And the ones that do have a requirement still work with us due to the flexible and thorough service we offer to clients. 
We totally understand the changing nature of business and how different it can be from month to month. One month you can be finishing a big project but then the next month you may need extra support with reviewing a new contract for an upcoming project, or you could have a situation arise where you need dispute resolution. 
That’s the advantage of working with us. We are subcontractors to subcontractors and by working with us means you concentrate on what you do best, helping to build a better business.” 

Manchester Commercial Management Consultancy 

Here at SubPort, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help grow your business, offering a multitude of support when it comes to commercial management and quantity surveying support in Manchester and the rest of the UK. 
Whether you need quantity surveying support in the public or private sector, we have previously assisted hundreds of subcontractors to make life easier, improve productivity and expand further. SubPort can help with dispute resolution, cost management, and much more. Our main services include the following: 
Tendering, pricing, post-award contract reviews, reviewing and producing T&Cs 
Commercial admin, final accounts, commercial representation, forecasting, value reporting 
Retentions, lessons learnt review, business health check, gap analysis, cash flow forecasting, overhead review 
SubPort can help you with all aspects of commercial project management including commercial admin, financial accounts, and settling contractual disputes. 
When you work with SubPort, you get complete peace of mind that we are available at any point in time to offer expert advice for your business. 
Furthermore, we offer commercial representation which means that our team of quantity surveyors can be at any meetings to professionally represent you whilst you are out winning work and maximising profits in your business. 

Helping your business work smarter, make money, and get paid 

The main benefit of taking advantage of local subcontractor support is in the title. Subcontractor support helps your business to work smarter, make money, and get paid on time. 
Continuous improvement is key to any thriving business and whilst working hard is essential, working smarter is equally as important. 
We can help you do this by reviewing current business processes and making sure that you're maximising your workforce and resources. 
As part of our subcontract support and services, we are also able to help you make more money in your competitive industry. We do this by providing services such as tendering which allows you to accurately calculate costs and reach your competitive prices and targeted profit margins. 
Furthermore, we help you to get paid on time by reviewing and producing T&Cs with no loopholes whilst mitigating risks. 

Why work with us? 

One of the main benefits with working with us is that we offer a fully flexible service that allows subcontractors to work with us in a way that fits in with their direct needs, requirements, and expertise that they require from our quantity surveyors. 
By working with us will give your business an advantage over other subcontractors in the construction sector. You will manage your time better meaning you can complete projects faster (with less distractions); increase your business’s resources and technical skills meaning you can tender for projects you once thought were out of each; and finally you will benefit with a more consistent cash flow and pipeline of new business opportunities. 

Contact us today 

If you’re looking for more information regarding subcontract support or would like to learn more about our services, get in touch with SubPort today by calling us directly on 0333 200 7205. 
Alternatively, if you prefer to email, use our contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly. 

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