Freelance Quantity Surveyor Services Manchester 
Helping Manchester-based subcontractors with QS and financial commercial support 
Freelance Quantity Surveyor Services Manchester 
Helping Manchester-based subcontractors with QS and financial commercial support 
With the current challenges facing the construction sector, it is proving a popular option to hire a freelance quantity surveyor to help keep a close eye on contractual relationships and project finances. 
Based in Manchester but with offices around the UK, SubPort is an award winning quantity surveying consultancy. We help subcontractors with QS and financial commercial support helping them to operate more effectively. 
If you are not quite at the stage where you need a full-time quantity surveyor or commercial support in your business, we are a perfect fit for you. SubPort offers comprehensive and competent range of QS and finance services on a completely flexible basis. 
“I am a subcontractor looking for quantity surveying support” 
Here at SubPort, we help subcontractors with QS support, with the following: 
• Preparing, negotiating, and analysing project costs for tenders and contracts 
• Carry out feasibility studies – so working out what a client can afford to build on a site 
• Work out costs for materials, labour and time 
• Dealing with legal and contractual issues 
• Acting as a financial advisor and valuing completed work as well as arranging for payments 
Essentially, when you work with us it will be our role to keep a close eye on project finances and contractual relationships between the various parties involved in a building project. 
By controlling an managing the finances and contractual relationships, it means you can concentrate on your job and complete the project quicker. 


Simon Robinson, Director at SubPort, comments, 
“Our clients love working with us as they know they’re in good hands. The business is run by myself, an experienced quantity surveyor, and Sophie who is a Chartered Certified Accountant. We’ve been in business long enough so that there are no surprises, and we can manage finances and any contractual matter effectively. 
We understand the commercial challenges currently facing subcontractors in the construction supply chain. It’s a juggling act of working on the projects, maintain customer relationships, managing cash flow, working on building your pipeline of future work, responding to unexpected events or delays on a project and much more. 
By working with us, it means you can concentrate on your job at hand for your current construction project. We can take care of any contractual support or financial assistance task. This means you can get the job done quicker, get paid quicker, and move on to the next job quicker. Maximising your income.” 
Contact us directly on 0333 200 7205 or use our contact form 

Why use a freelance quantity surveyor? 

Two of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your QS work to a freelancer or supplier are flexibility and security. 
The flexibility of our quantity surveyor services means you can use as much or as little as you need, or as your projects dictate. Sometimes, the feast and famine nature of running a business means some months are stacked out with projects while other months may be a little quieter. 
If you have a full time QS on your books it means it’s a fixed monthly cost you have no matter if there is a need or not. 
So you can integrate our services into your business, meaning you can use us as much or as little as you need. 
You can even use us to scale up your business. 
By using our freelance QS services, it means you can complete more projects successfully. We can help you with more aspects of a construction project you’re working on, including feasibility studies; preparing project costs; ongoing project management tasks such as materials, time and labour; assisting with legal and contractual issues; and any financial assistance. 
Regarding the other advantage of outsourcing your QS work, security is another major factor. By tapping into our experience and skillset, you can be assured you will receive the very best subcontractor support
Our commitment to you is to reduce risks and help your company successfully deliver all projects. 
Our team is highly numerate, excellent problem solvers, methodical, well-organised and with an expert knowledge of the construction sector. It means we can excel at our job so you can concentrate on your project. 

Commercial management services for your project 

SubPort provides a number of commercial management services for subcontractors. Our main services include the following;- 
Pre-Contract - This is the first step for many subcontractors that is key to closing a deal or contract. Pre-Contracts are also essential to providing essential advice and outlining risk ownership for all parties involved. Tendering and pricing is one of the main services we offer under the pre-contact umbrella, as well as reviewing and producing T&Cs. 
Commercial Contract Management - All aspects regarding commercial management can be managed by our expert at SubPort. We can focus on maximising your profitability, settling any potential contract disputes, and mitigate risks. Within our commercial management services, we also provide commercial representation, forecasting, final accounts, and commercial admin. 
Training - When it comes to subcontractors being commercially aware, we understand that there is a big skillset gap and that’s why SubPort provides comprehensive training. We have taken the time to design several courses with some of the most popular being - construction contracts basics, terms and conditions, cash flow forecasting, and project reporting. 
Post-Contract - SubPort is also able to offer additional services post-contract and support you and your business with customer retention. We can offer a fully comprehensive business health check and gap analysis to identify all current business processes and identify any that need changing or improving. Furthermore, our post-contract services also consist of cash flow forecasting to help assess the amount of money coming in and out of your business. 

How can we help you? 

SubPort is driven by a mission to make sure subcontractors are supported in running the commercial aspects of their business. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge behind us in offering commercial construction quantity surveying. 
We are leading freelance quantity surveyors based in Manchester and with offices throughout the rest of the UK. 
Call our team directly on 0333 200 7205 or if you prefer to email, use our contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly. 

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