Construction contracts help for subcontractors 

SubPort provide construction contracts help for subcontractors 


Construction contracts help for subcontractors 

SubPort provide construction contracts help for subcontractors 

Construction contracts are complex, wordy and time-consuming to read. More importantly, they are legally binding. 
The subcontractor who is busy juggling projects, ensuring that work is delivered on time and within budget, is unlikely to have sufficient time to fully digest the meaning and implications of the contract they are signing. Yet, signing a construction contract they don’t understand can have a devastating effect on a subcontractor’s profits. 
Having construction contract help benefits subcontractors who need to dedicate their time to dealing with clients and completing projects. 

Construction contract help for subcontractors 

SubPort provide construction contract help for subcontractors. By filling the role of a QS (Quantity Surveyor), SubPort handle and advise on all matters relating to construction contracts. As a team of QS specialists, SubPort provide a consultancy service to subcontractors on contracts, estimating and tendering, valuations, contract reviews and dispute resolution. 
Once a subcontractor has signed a contract, they are committed to delivering whatever that contract stipulates. In the role of QS, SubPort carry out a post-award contract review to ensure that the subcontractor knows exactly what they are signing up to, and that the work will be profitable. 
The post-award contract review evaluates the detail of the terms and conditions and highlights to the subcontractor any potential risks. 

Commercial support services 

Commercial project management is a key element of the construction contract support that SubPort provide to subcontractors. This involves the following services: 
Commercial administration, such as the preparation and submission of payment applications, as well as variations or compensations 
Change control. It is essential that any change to the scope of works is administered, calculated and applied for, following the correct procedures 
Cost and value reporting and forecasting (CVRs). The financial performance of each project is reported to the subcontractor to monitor and measure all costs and expenditure against the value and budget of each construction project 
SubPort supports subcontractors in resolving contractual disputes, and represent them at meetings if necessary. 

QS support for your business (pre-contract, commercial and post-contract) 

Do you require QS support for your business? Construction contracts are managed in three main stages: pre-contract, commercial and post-contract. 
In the pre-contract stage, QS support is required to ensure that the subcontractor is able to take on the proposed work and that the contract will be profitable. This includes post-award contract reviews, the completion of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PPQs) and estimating and producing a bill of quantities. 
The commercial element of QS contract support involves administration, change control, CVRs and disputes as mentioned above. 
Post contract QS support covers the recovery of retentions, a Lessons Learnt Review and a business health check. 


Can you help a subcontractor with cashflow forecasting? 
Yes. We prepare cashflow forecasts that include projected income and expenses. 
Do you handle drawing take-offs? 
Yes. We complete multi-discipline take-offs and produce the bill of quantities. 
Can you prepare final accounts? 
Yes. We prepare and negotiate final accounts on behalf of the subcontractor. 
Do you offer commercial representation? 
Yes. We can attend any meetings to provide support and ensure that all risks are mitigated. 

Get in touch 

If you are a subcontractor who would like help with contracts, get in touch with the team at SubPort to find out how we can help. 

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