Commercial support for subcontractors 

We help subcontractors with day-to-day commercial support activities, to help you do what you do best...get the job done on site. 


Commercial support for subcontractors 

We help subcontractors with day-to-day commercial support activities, to help you do what you do best...get the job done on site. 

The Commercial support for subcontractors we offer involves managing the various day-to-day commercial aspects of running a business. This enables you, the subcontractor, to be out on site doing what you do best. 
Juggling the subcontracting work with the administration, management and finances of your business can be overwhelming. 
This is where SubPort comes in with our QS services for subcontractors. We can help you in all aspects of admin, accounts, dispute support, commercial representation, and cost and value report. 
This means you can feel confident the daily activities are being taken care of, and frees up your time to concentrate on what’s needed the most – being on the job. 

Commercial support services for subcontractors 

SubPort is a specialist commercial construction consultancy that provides commercial support for subcontractors
Using our expertise in quantity surveying and finance, we offer professional advice and practical support to subcontractors who don’t have the inhouse resources to manage these elements of the business. 
SubPort assume the role of quantity surveyor, which is to manage project finances, profitability and contractual relationships by accurately controlling and reporting on all aspects of work undertaken. 
A key element of commercial support services for subcontractors is ensuring that projects are on budget and not detrimentally affected by changes to the scope of works. This can impact profitability if not properly managed. 
The preparation of contracts, contract reviews and dealing with contractual and legal matters also fall under the remit of SubPort as quantity surveyor. 

Preparation of commercial contracts 

SubPort prepare commercial contracts for subcontractors. This includes identifying drawing take-offs and preparing the Bill of Quantities which itemises the materials, parts and labour identified in the drawings and tender documentation needed to complete a project. 
Once contract terms are agreed, SubPort collate the contract documentation to include any post-tender alterations. The contract should mitigate the subcontractor’s risk against changes to agreements or misunderstandings over terms and conditions. 
The expertise of the SubPort team will identify any areas of concern before the subcontractor becomes committed to the project. 
"We use Subport for a range of commercial activities across our Group. Their role has gradually expanded overtime and they have supported us with the implementation of a new CVR process which we now use across all of our projects. 
Their contractual knowledge is excellent, and all of our terms are reviewed and agreed accordingly. They have also assisted us with contractual issues, adjudication preparation, disputes and overall commercial management." 
Ross Bailey, Director, Quora Group (Mechanical and Electrical Building Services) 

Contract reviews, risk assessment and advice 

A SubPort contract review is undertaken prior to the subcontractor signing the contract. The contract review measures the feasibility of the contract and outlines any risks. 
A contract review safeguards subcontractors against signing a contract that they don’t fully understand. Once a subcontractor signs a commercial contract they are legally obligated to delivering what that contract sets out. If the terms are not affordable it can be catastrophic for the subcontractor’s business. 
SubPort contract reviews are essentially risk assessments that produce an analysis and summary of the key elements of the contract so that SubPort can then advise the subcontractor on any details that should be rejected, or where negotiation might be required. 

Contract administration and dispute avoidance 

Contract administration is time-consuming. SubPort work on behalf of subcontractors to manage contract administration and dispute avoidance. 
Contract administration includes preparation and submission of payment applications, administering change control on scope of works and the compilation of final accounts. 
Diligent contract administration helps the subcontractor to avoid disputes because all details of the contract have been assessed with a fine toothcomb. Should there still be a dispute, SubPort can provide commercial representation at meetings to offer support and mitigate further risk. 

How can we help you? 

If you are interested in commercial support for subcontractors get in touch with the team at SubPort to find out how we can help. 

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