After my post last week on the small commercial change you can make with taking site RECORDS and the feedback I have had about companies now implementing it, I thought I would share another quick commercial win. 
As a Subcontractor do you Sub-Contract any of the work?  
If you do what contract do you have in place between you and your Subcontractor? 


As the Subcontractor I am assuming you have signed to the Main Contractors Conditions which may have incorporated the conditions between the Main Contractor and Employer. 
Undertaking our FREE Commercial workshops, I have heard on occasions of Subcontractors being let down (for one reason or another) by their Subcontractors and they have been left to face the consequences under their contract with the Main Contractor, as there contract was just a ‘Gentleman’s agreement’ in place between them. 
To mitigate this risk you may wish to consider implementing your own Subcontract conditions, which also incorporate your Contract Conditions to protect you from your Subcontractors performance. 
Should you use the same Subcontractors frequently, you could consider a framework agreement, which would then reduce the volume of paperwork for each project. 
Whichever way you approach this you need to think about how you will protect your company from your Subcontractor's performance. Developing a relationship is always the best option but you do need something in place to fall back on. 
Should you want to discuss further please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more advice. 
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