Sub-contractors can find themselves navigating a range of obstacles during and after their involvement in a construction project. These can result in a time consuming drain on their bottom line, and a long term impact on the growth of their business. 
SubPort is an award wining quantity surveying consultancy that exclusively supports sub-contractors. With a cost-effective and flexible service which you can increase or decrease as your requirements, we help sub-contractors on a range of tasks including tendering and estimating, contract support, valuations, cost-management and dispute resolution. 
By handling these time-consuming areas, SubPort provides sub-contractors with competent and reliable expertise, as well as time to focus on delivering excellence on their projects. 
SubPort understands how main contractors work 
SubPort was founded by Simon Robinson, a qualified and vastly experienced Quantity Surveyor. Working alongside a management team of former commercial directors in main contractor businesses, SubPort provides their services from a time-served, unique understanding of how main contractors work. 
This is invaluable insight for sub-contractors who may have limited awareness of how main contractors operate and how they can be directly affected by contractual agreements and collaborations. 
While sub-contractors may not understand, or have time to read, small print in contracts before it is too late, SubPort will ensure that they do not agree to any terms that may impact their revenue or way of working. Rather than having to second guess a main contractor’s intentions, SubPort has the expertise to anticipate pitfalls and potential problems before they occur. 
SubPort provides a flexible service exclusively for sub-contractors 
SubPort only works with sub-contractors. This is a significant benefit for sub-contractors who need exclusive support in their agreements with main contractors. We are positioned firmly in your corner. 
This unique exclusivity ensures that sub-contractors are well represented and given the best advice in all areas of their business. 
The services provided by SubPort are also flexible, giving sub-contractors the option to upscale or downscale support as and when required. Given the volatile nature of projects and the unpredictability of contract gains, this flexibility gives sub-contractors extra peace of mind. 
Sub-contractors can also decide which services they want to sign up to, allowing them to secure support on just particularly challenging areas if that is all that is required. 
SubPort’s combined proactive and reactive approach leads to increased profits 
Sub-contractors need support with both proactive strategies and the handling of crisis situations. 
By entering into an ongoing partnership with a sub-contractor, SubPort can provide proactive services such as tendering and estimating, contract support, valuations and cost management. We can also provide training to educate your teams in becoming more commercially astute and understanding the basics of a construction contract. 
Likewise, SubPort provides valuable services to sub-contractors in a crisis situation. These include recovering cash tied up in retentions, and dispute resolution; areas for which subcontractors have few or no resources, which often results in a loss of revenue and many frustrating hours of valuable time. 
Knowing that they have SubPort to be proactive and reactive on their behalf allows the sub-contractor to concentrate on other areas of the business. 
SubPort’s services are more cost-effective than hiring a full-time QS 
With an average salary of a fully qualified Quantity Surveyor at around £50,000 in the UK, SubPort’s services offer an excellent value for money alternative. Compared with the financial commitment, HR administration and training of an employed QS, SubPort’s services are hassle-free. 
Through a more reliable, cost-effective and flexible proposition than employing an inhouse QS, SubPort’s services offer sub-contractors the crucial level of support they need. 
Find out more about SubPort 
For more information on how SubPort can help your subcontractor business, get in touch. 
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