As most of us are now working from home with some extra time to start thinking about what changes we will make when the sites open back up, please don't over look one of the most basic, simple but most effective changes you can implement which is recording the site activities each day in a Site Diary. 

Site Diary 

There are different app's for this now, whether or not you choose to use one of these or just a traditional diary, just make sure that one is used. 
The things I recommend recording are: 
Labour on site (list) 
Plant on site (list) 
Material deliveries 
Weather conditions 
Summary of activities undertaken on the day and area of the works accessed 
Sign and date it! 
A site diary is a powerful tool which can be used to assist in the substation of variations and can be used for defence of contra charges, LAD's etc.  
It can also be used to validate applications for payments, in terms of work completed up to and including a specified date. 
One of the first things I ask for when giving advice on a dispute is the site dairies. 
Please feel free to get in touch if you want any advice on setting a procedure up in your company for this. 
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